Chaz PsyKoticz

Album: Lost and Melting in Audio to a Digital N... (2012)

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Song: Lost and Melting in Audio to a Digital Nightmare

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Chaz PsyKoticz is a Brooklyn born DJ and MC in NYC that works with Paradox Productions, as well as independently with various other promotions in and out of New York State. Who lives a Hardcore Lifestyle that can be seen as certifiable hysteria, with a wrestling background involving blood and other mutilation from glass, barbwire, staples, fire and more. Some Ultraviolent Promo has been incorporated into current on and off stage events on accusations.

Chaz's musical style is best known for its unique way tracks are blended together with sound manipulation and technical deck skills. His sets include but are not limited to Hard Dance and Hard Tech Genres of EDM/EBM. Dance floors, festivals, and many headset listeners have been left in complete anxiety from a social experience that has brought out an emotional response and delusions that closely related to psychosis, and or possibly schizophrenia from his music.

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